Post & Panel

Q.             What type of post is used?
A.              Normally a concrete H post is used with a concrete plinth on the ground

Q.             What types of timber panels are available?
A.              Various styles are available e.g. double/single sided, bow top, space boarded etc.

Q.             Can the concrete panel/plinth be patterned?
A.              Yes – rock faced or brick patterns are available

Q.             Can post and panel be supplied in total concrete?
A.              Yes – but machine access to the site will normally be needed

Steel Garden Fencing

Q.             What heights are available?
A.             Any height up to 2.1 meters.

Q.             What colours are available?
A.             Brown is our standard fence that we keep in stock, but green is also available.

Q.             Do I need to paint the fence?

A.             Fence is supplied galvanised and powder coated. This means that it will not rust and no maintenance is necessary.
A yearly wash with warm water will keep your fence looking like new for years to come.

Q.             What is the fence made from?
A.             Steel privacy fence is made from zincalum high tensile steel which is galvanised and powder coated. The steel is then rolled and folded for added strength.

Q.              Can I have a concrete plinth with my steel fence?
A.              Yes, fences can be fitted with a 125 mm concrete plinth.

Q.             How long will my steel fence last?
A.             Our steel privacy fence is an Australian product and has been in use for 30 years with over 12,000km of fence fitted.
This fence has been tested in the harshest of conditions and has stood the test of time.

Q.             Does the fence look the same from both sides?
A.             Yes, it looks exactly the same from each side.


Q.             What heights are available?
A.              1.2 metre, 1.8 metre, 2.4 metre and 3 metre

Q.             What colours are available?
A.              Green and black

Q.             What size wire is used?
A.              5mm to 6mm wire

Q.             What size is the post?
A.             60mm X 60mm box post

Post & Rail

Q.                 Is the timber treated?
A.                 Yes all of the timber is treated with either creosote or a CCB fluid

Q.                 What type of timber is used?
A.                 Swedish redwood, Latvian redwood or native pine

Q.                 What size are the rails
A.                 Normally 100mm X 48mm X 4800mm

Q.                 What type of nail is used?
A.                 90mm hot dipped galvanised nails

Q.                 What size are the posts?
A.                 150mm X 75mm X 1800mm


Q.                 What heights are available?
A.                 Heights vary from 900mm to 3000mm

Q.                 What type of post is used?
A.                  Concrete, metal or wood

Q.                  Will the wire rot?
A.                   No – all of the wire is hot dipped galvanised

Q.                 Is the PVC coated wire galvanised?
A.                 Not all PVC coated chainlink is hot dipped galvanised


Q.                 What heights are available?
A.                 It can be made to order in any height but 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4 metre are standard

Q.                 What finishes are available?
A.                 Galvanised (silver), or galvanised and powder coated (green or black) are standard. Other colours are also available as special orders.

Q.                 Are there different tops available?
A.                 Yes – triple spiked, round topped & notched

Q.                 Are the pails available in different thicknesses?
A.                 Yes – 2.5mm to 4mm

Security Gates

Q.                 Are security gates available in different sizes?
A.                 Yes – security gates are normally made to order in a range of heights and widths

Q.                 Can sliding gates be supplied?
A.                 Yes – but the site needs to be level and there must be sufficient room for the gate to slide to one side

Q.                 Can my gate be automated?
A.                 Yes – automation is available

Timber Gates

Q.                 Is the timber treated?
A.                 Yes – All timber gates are pressure treated

Q.                 Are timber gates available in different sizes?
A.                 Yes – gate can be made in any size up to 3.6 metres per leaf